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Clixsense is one of the highest paying sites out there that not only offer paid surveys for you to complete at home and generate income, also get paid participating in other activities such as signups, offers, paid to click, contests and games. It is a stable and trusted site with ddos protection. Even if you live outside the U.S. there may still be surveys and offers available in your own language for you to earn from.

Another such site where you can participate in surveys and market research programs. They have lots of entries and you will receive daily or weekly invitations to participate, you will also have the opportunity to earn completing free offers. The compensation for completing these surveys are among the highest in the industry. Be sure to fully complete your profile to increase your chances of getting invited.

About Us

I created this website way back in 2005 to have a list of my highest paying PTR programs. I also did some investement sites known as HYIP or autosurf, including one contreversial named 12dailypro, which later turned into a big fiasco. But mostly I was promoting PTR which are Paid to Read programs that send email advertisements that contain one or more paid links. They all have a referral program and sometimes downlines up to ten levels. Back in 2005 these programs were very popular, but over time the concept died out and other concepts such as PTC and PTSU became more popular.

When I started participating in these sites, now almost ten years ago, I was still very young and inexperienced, making my first few bucks online clicking ads and promoting other sites. I started advertising campaings in many of these sites by redeeming my earnings, and soon I started to get many referrals and at it's peak I was making hundreds of dollars from a number of different sites. But at a certain point it all collapsed and I moved on to other methods of making money online. You an still see a copy of how the website once was in the archive, not the original but the oldest version available.

After all these years making money online is still possible for anyone with a computer and internet connection around the world, even in the aftermath of the global financial crisis the concept of paying members for visiting websites and completing surveys has not died out. In fact, I have come to learn it is still very much alive indeed. New concepts and ideas are still being introduced by intuituve companies as we have seen the in the past year. And there is still much to come, that's why I got excited and the idea came to update this entire website to present you with the lastest and trusted high paying programs of today.